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Life Coaching: There is more to your life!

“”Actually”, it’s all good

At first sight, you have everything. A good education, a great job or even your own business. A solid partnership, good friends, a nice home, maybe even children. You’ve git style and good taste, enough money, you enjoy travelling and treat yourself well. All is well.

Or is it…?

Because, there is a little emptiness inside of you.
A little hole that cannot be filled by “success”.

The nagging feeling of “Is that it? Is that all?

Your life runs smoothly, like on rails. Routine, no major troubles – but nothing is really exciting anymore. Where is the sparkle? Where is the curiosity, the silliness, the excitement?
For what do you get up in the morning?

What do you do

with the other half

of your life?“

Ömer Atiker

Yes, but…

Who can you talk to about this?

Your partner has already found his lace and made himself comfortable.

Colleagues, co-workers, family – they won’t understand it.
Your best friend only replies, “But you’ve got everything!”

Well, that might be as it is.
But deep down inside, you think “Well, then I damn well want more than everything!”

It’s a little weird, and it feels ungrateful and arrogant.

But to go on like this for another 30, 40 years? That’s not an option, either.

The good news: This is all perfectly normal.
It’s called being human.

There’s more to success than “everything”!

Most successful people reach this point in life. Life is quite nice, and yes, you’re grateful. But it’s just not enough. It is not good enough! You don’t want “more”, you want better!

More depth. More joy. More meaning.

You can have that.


The Meaning of Life

This is how it works: Within eight weeks, we will clarify the big questions in your life.

  • Where are you – and what brought you here?
  • Where do you want to go – and why do you want that?
  • How do you get what you want – and what are the concrete first steps?

You get clarity, a new direction and the courage to go your own way.

Quite often, you will also discover a lot of new joy in your life.

Sounds good?
Then contact me and we’ll see if it fits.

The package: The Meaning of Your Life

We’ll take eight weeks. That’s long enough, but not too long. We’ll have to get busy.

  • Every week we have a group call. With people at a similar point in life. With the same questions, worries, doubts. And a desire to change that.
  • We’ll tackle your questions in a structured and intuitive way (Yes, I know: But it is both.) We’ll be finding new insights and we’ll create new experiences.
    Yes, this is quite challenging, and we often face a lot of unfamiliar emotions.
    That’s good and well,, this is where they belong.
  • During these eight weeks, there is a lot for you to do.
    To think and to reflect and to feel. To read, write and have conversations. To reorganize your inner life.
  • Your environment also feels your change. That is okay, too, and we will need to address it.
  • Between our meeting. I am available for you. Whenever you need it, you will get a quick answer, my advice and a perspective, by mail, messenger or on the phone.
    I’ll have your back.

About me

The Meaning of Life has accompanied me for a very long time. And though the years and decades, there have always been new insights, new angles, new answers. I have done and experienced a quite a lot and so I learned a lot about life.

Mostly, because I just love to try things. I lived many years abroad. Founded several companies. Had quite wild and complex relationships. Multiple career changes. It’s all about starting, failing, getting up and finding a new direction. It’s about doing things, even when you are concerned or afraid. Just do it, even when afraid.

And it is great to see where curiosity has taken me.

What I keep are a few scars and many laugh lines.
I like to share the experiences of this lush life.

The man for the meaning

of life and the courage

for doing the unusual.


I worked with Ömer again and again – and always with great pleasure.
His clarity, eloquence, wisdom and refreshing humor are a major asset. At the right moment, though, he is not sparing with sharp criticism, not sugar-coating the things that need to be said. And I think that is exactly his secret: clarity and cheerfulness. Unreserved recommendation!

Melanie Berger
The SWISSest Business Mediator in Austria


For me, Ömer is a life coach and business mentor in one unique companion.
Ömer deals with topics that weigh so heavily on me in my daily life as an entrepreneur in a fresh and to-the-point way. And he points out: breathe first, then pause sensibly and take a pragmatic approach. Very important: don’t underestimate humor and a little self-irony. Ömer gives energy and the ability to act.
I am very grateful to him for our instructive and formative laughs.

Michelle Euzet
Founder Euzet Consulting


Ömer is a humorous, eloquent and really fine coach! Because he likes people.
Above all, he is very direct – that certainly doesn’t suit everyone, but I can handle it excellently. Ömer is very appreciative in his reflections and gets straight to the point in every session – so the sparring also makes economic sense for me, because it can be implemented immediately. Ömer Atiker is a great recommendation for me – if you can handle “clarity”.

Felix Maria Arnet
Executive Excellence Coach


Ömer, the master of cheerful wisdom, lives up to his title!
Through active listening and his high level of empathy, he brings you a lot of understanding for your own situation. Always with a view to developing a concrete action plan to really get into the implementation. I especially like his relaxed way of looking at the world and dealing with problems – in a refreshingly cheerful way.
Thank you Ömer, for the many inspiring conversations and shared laughs!

Alina Opherden
Die Zeitfee – Virtual Assistants


You very rarely meet a person like Ömer Atiker in your life. All the nicer when it happens when you need this person. When I wrote to him, I didn’t know what to expect. After a few weeks of working together, I can’t wait to see where else the journey will take me. He is one of those rare cases where smartness meets life experience and becomes wisdom that he is absolutely willing to share.
Coaching is very difficult to describe. Here, however, it becomes simple. Ömer listens, Ömer catches you and puts you down gently, Ömer is honest and the concept of eye level takes on real meaning.
Coaching is not easy. Coaching sometimes hurts. But when you are in such company, you go into the darker corners of your own life. Sometimes those are the most instructive.

Musician, Cook, Coach
Musiker, Koch, Coach

And besides coaching?

Coaching is just a part of what I do. I’m an expert in (digital) transformation and have written five books on the subject. I’m booked by large companies as a keynote speaker, I do a bit of consulting, am a lecturer at a university and have developed a dozen online courses for leading platforms.

All this happened in the last 5 years. I’ve been running an online marketing agency for 15 years now. And last year, I’ve bought an old farm in France that we’re slowly renovating.

My life includes a wonderful wife and two mostly wonderful children and a grumpy cat. I enjoy cooking, dancing and making great plans for the future. Because one thing I know for sure: The future will definitely be different from today. And that’s just great.

Arrange a meeting now!

Do you want to find your meaning of life?

Then let us know how we can reach you. My colleague Melina will call you, answer your first questions and schedule a conversation with me.

In thar conversation we get to know each other better and see if we can work well together.
We answer all questions you might have and see which topics are important for you.

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